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2006 Hiking the Paria River Canyon Write Up

Hiking the Paria River Tips from 2007

2006 Paria River Photo Album

Day 1 - Whitehouse Campground, Trailhead
The Canyon Slowly Begins
First Shade Break
Twisted Walls
Sandstone Mountains
In the Canyon
Stacked Stones
Rock Art
Slide Rock Arch
Crakced Mud
Mud Bath
Mom, at rest
Dad Contimplates the Low Water
Hiking back to Camp
Camp Yoga
Camp Site #1
Day 2 - Buckskin Gulch
Taking a Break in Buckskin
Buckskin Gulch
Boulder Jam
My Turn
Who is next?
Buckskin Gulch
Geology in Action
Buckskin Gulch
Light Beams
Slot Canyon
Local Residents
Slot Canyon
A Dry Buckskin Gulch
Jammed Boulder
The Old Couple in the Canyon
Wall & Cracks
Taking a break
Buckskin Gulch Features
Down I go
Jen Descends
Back Under the Boulder
A Little Green Amongst All the Red
Hiking Poles
Day 3 - Hiking South
Water Crossing
High Walls
Paria Canyon
Interesting Rock Formations