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2006 Hiking the Paria River Canyon Write Up

Hiking the Paria River Tips from 2007

2007 Paria River Photo Album

Where's the Water?
Paria River, Day 1
Twisted Walls
Water Break in the Shade
Slide Rock Arch
First Waters
Setting up Camp
Buckskin Gulch Boulder
Dried Mud
The Walls of Buckskin Gulch
Dirty Feet
Cold Water Crossing
In the Gulch
Rock Petanque!
Hiking the Paria
Paria Rock Formation
If Rocks were Churches
Disappearing Shade
A Shady Spot
Judd Hollow Pump
Evening along the Paria River
Camping under the Cottonwoods
Cooling Off
Hiking in the Heat
Cracked Mud
The Canyon Widens
Dusty Pack on the Trail
Prickly Pear Cactus
Petroglyph Rock
Old Cottonwood