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Hiking the Olympic Peninsula Coast: Lake Ozette to Rialto Beach
(pictures from a previous hike I did in this area can be seen here.

Into the Woods
Deeper into the Woods
Sand Point Beach
Heading South
Sea Stars
Drift Wood Giants
Taking a Break
Camp Fire Preperation
The Driftwood of Yellow Banks
Fire and Driftwood Sculpture
Campsite at Yellow Banks
Morning at Yellow Banks Beach
Filtering Water
Soft Sand Hiking
Adjusting the Pack
Fishing Floats and Beach Debris
Jagged Rocks at Low Tide
Coastal Pillar
Big Rock Hiking
Thirsty Sea Star
Norwegian Memorial
Ragged Beauty
Beach Hiking
Over the Headlands
Decaying Mine Machinery
Sea Pillar
Sea Pillar
Headland Ladder
Rahul's Turn
Gray Days
Little, Distant Islands
Our Tired Feet
Cedar Creek Campsite
More Mine Equipment
Frozen Gears
Red Rust and Green Growth
Driftwood in Cedar Creek
Driftwood Beach
We Have Been Here Before
Coastal Island
Dark Days
Looking Back
Picking Our Way Through the Rocks
Rock Hiking
This Rugged Coast
Hole in the Wall at Rialto Beach
Where We Were