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Hey, thanks for your recommendations in the Mayan Riviera. We went snorkeling at the Casa Cenote and enjoyed it.


Thats a cool picture of the frozen waterfall.

har from Canada

you come across as just another american
probably the kind you don't want to be
your whole, 'hey, there's things that are different when you leave the states"
epitomizes it.


har - thanks for the feedback and for reading the site. Actually, I have no problem sounding like "just another American" and emphasizing that there are different things in the world than what us Americans are used to. I started this site, afterall, as a travel journal when I took a year off to see some other parts of the world. It would have been a pretty boring trip if everything was the same and if I saw the people I met not as individuals but as "just another" Canadian, Mexican, Spaniard, or whatever.


Your write up on Bagby Hot Springs has an error.
It should be Hwy 224, not 226.
Thank you.


Hi Adam - thanks for pointing out the mistake. I've updated the page and hopefully there's not too many people lost out in the woods because of it. Thanks again - Will

Beth in Portland, OR

Really enjoyed your travel photos. Excellent quality! They brought back good memories of my trips to many of those same locations.

Beth in Portland, OR

I am a NW fiber artist writing to ask for your permission to use your wonderful picture, "The Terrible Secret of Space". My use of it would be as an image I attempt to duplicate in fabrics, fabric paints and dyes.


Hi Beth - thanks for the compliments. Best Will


Hi, I really liked youur guide to Mexico.


Love the site! One correction is that it isn't the Parliament Buildings in Victoria, it's the Provincial Legislature. The Parliament Buildings are federal and located only in Ottawa. Keep up the great work!


Hi Cheryl - Thanks for reading the site and offering the comment. Actually, the buildings where the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia meets are called the Parliament Buildings. If I remember my tour info correctly, the buildings were authorized by an act of the provincial legislature in 1893 called the Parliament Buildings Construction Act. If you go to the website of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, you’ll see that they use the term Parliament Buildings throughout – such as on this “Tour the Parliament Buildings” page at http://www.legis.gov.bc.ca/info/2-2.htm#. If you scroll down on that page (or poke around on other pages) you’ll also see that the term Parliament Buildings is part of the actual address for the various offices located there. Thanks again for checking out the site.


Just checking to see if there was an update on your blog regarding the big event that took place on your recent trip to Mexico. Congratulations to both you & Jen. I am so happy for the two of you...oh and your parent's, Will.

Glad to hear that we will have another reason to celebrate in Montana next summer...can you bring back Gretchen?

Oh and also wanted to thank you for that great CD you put together for your parent's anniversary...just found it in my car and listened to it for the first time last night...very fun!

Sophie Prévot

Hi Jen and Will, I fell today on your site, searching on Google for Wil and Alicia's adress; I was very happy to visit your pictures of Gerardmer, remembering the fun we had, and being amazed by the 2 girls that are so big, now! I hope all is well for you, and I was very happy to meet you.

Sophie (and Vincent Prévot)

Sonia Khan

Came across your site when googling Chicken buses. Just back from Guatemala myself. Love your site. Sonia, London.

Hilda Rosales

Greetings 1 i enjoyed very much browsing through all the oictuers i had looked up a favorite drink of mine the Chocolate martini and just happen to bump into this wonderful blog and i was just having flash backs of mexico i have been in the U.S for 28 years i live in Providence Ri i also saw that you have pictures of new england when will you come to visit again?it's christmas time so have a good one i will be back from time to time to this blog oh and almost forgot have a safe and happy new year !i have a my space : MySpace URL:


dennis meyer


Dominique Rizzo

Hi, I am an old friend of Wilfrieds, I lost contact with him many years ago and then did a google on his name knowing what a great mind he had and a great man he was and still is. I am wondering if you could put me in contact with him, I read about his marriage, i am so happy for him and I would love to eb able to get in contact with him, if you knwo how to can you tell him its Niquey, he will know who I am.

Great site.......make ke want to travel the world and never come home.


Hi: I came across your great web page and blog while researching Helena, Montana. What a great read! It was hard to stay focused on Helena, and enjoyed wandering off into Mexico. Congrats on your engagement! Down the way I'll send along some info from a recent (Jan 07) trip to Tulum.

I will be relocating to Helena this summer for work and heading up in May to look for a place to live. I would welcome any suggestions you may have regarding areas (streets) of town located adjacent to running/hiking/mountain biking trails.

Thanks again -

Zuni, NM

Tim Zeducko

Hi - I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your guides. Thanks!


Hey! just read, Quick and Dirty Guide to the Olympic Peninsula.... nice work! thanks!


Like Bridget above I will be relo'ing to Helena this summer. After visitng the city a few times I found your site to be right on and it gave me some palces to check out I didn't think about before.

Thanks Again,

Mike from South Florida


Hi Mike,

Thank you for reading and leaving a comment on my blog at mentalwanderings.com. Good luck on the move to Helena from Florida. I think Helena is a pretty great town and if you have any specific questions that I can try to answer, please let me know.


Tosha Punches

We also stayed at the Chalante San Antonio and ( Zamas) in Tulum on our honeymoon. (other places too, but these we have in common) We had traveled with throw-away cameras, big mistake, and missed so many pics. You have captured the place so wonderfully!! It was amazing to see again and in the way we saw it too, thank you!


Thanks for the info on New Mexico.


Nice podcast interview. I'm looking forward to visiting Tulum soon and will print off and bring your guides.

Lindy gibbs


I came accross your photo of cinque terra by doing a quick google images search. Its great. Could I perhaps use it in a marketing piece for the travel agency I work for?


Hi Lindy - Thank you for your inquiry. My photo policy (which can be found at the bottom of my about page) is as follows: I usually grant permission for my photos to be used in a non-commercial setting. However, you must attribute the photo to this website and provide a link to this website. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work without permission. I always love to see how my photos are being used and really appreciate it when you let me know that you plan to use them (my email is on the about page).

For commercial use of photos, please send email me via the address on my about page. Under most conditions your request will be granted although a fee may be involved depending on how the photo will be used and for how long.



I am one of the owners of Detour Dessert Lounge... Thank-you so much for you awesome review! Much appreciated!


Hi, I just wanted to point out that Guatemala does have many beaches. In one of the pictures taken in Rio Dulce you said that Guatemala didn't have many.
We have beautiful volcanic sand beaches in the south coast of Guate. They strech from the Mexican border to the El Salvador border.
Hope you come back soon to Guate and get to know this country a bit more.

Just to let you know, some of your comments on Victoria BC are incorrect/dated.
Garricks Head Pub is closed, has been for several months. License issues apparently.
The Westsong Walkway is a walk way from the Johnson Street Bridge (Blue Bridge) to West Bay Marina. The walkway terminates at Head Street. The total distance is 2725 metres, one way, which is equal to about 1.7 miles

That's it! Thanks for all the good info, I enjoy the site.
When I think of some good bits to include, I'll write again.


Hi BB and Katina -

Thanks for reading the site and leaving comments.

BB - I was just at the Garricks Head Pub, so I'm pretty sure it is still open. You might be thinking Jelly Fish Lounge, which is next door in the same building. I'm pretty sure it has had license issues. Thanks also for update on the length of the Westsong Walkway.

Katina - I think my comment was an oversight. I meant to say that Guate doesn't have many beaches on the Atlantic / Carribean side (mainly because it doesn't have much coastline over there). The beaches on the Pacific side are, of course, amazing. I dream of returning to Guatemala all of the time and hope to get back soon.

Thanks again for reading!


FYI Correction
address & phone # for Ebizo japanese restaurant in Victoria is wrong, should be 604 Broughton St
250 383-3234


Great website! The link to the South Hills Trail Map in Helena is broken or the document has been removed. Will it be available at a later time?



Thanks so much for the pictures of El Gran Cenote in Tulum. I was there in December and didn't have a good camera. You captured the beauty of this wonderful place which brought tears to my eyes.


Great site. My only bone to pick is to say that I have to assume you're not a diver if you see the diving around Playa del Carmen to be in the same league with Cozumel's world-class wall,drift dives.

Karissa Hubbard

Your blog is so interesting! Such a great conglomerate of different material in one place. I am particularly excited to check out the bands on your "Links" page. As I was reading your article here http://www.mentalwanderings.com/gulch/2003/10/zipolite.html, I thought of a resource I would love to suggest. We have a comprehensive Mexico guide, as well as a Caribbean one, that may be of interest to your readers. Please take a look : http://caribbean-guide.info/ and http://mexico-guide.info/

Would you please consider referencing us in a future post or linking to us from somewhere on your site?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Karissa Hubbard


your comment about the Galloping Goose and Peninsula Trails in Victoria BC in incorrect, in part.It is 100 kms long, not 55 and starts at the North end of Saanich Peninsula ( Swartz Bay) and goes past Sooke, to Leechtown. It is built on old rail lines and links communities, parks and enhances our quality of life in greater Victoria.


Hi Evelyn,

Thanks for the feedback and reading our site. It was my understanding that the Galloping Goose Trail (which is the only one I mention) goes from Victoria to the Sooke Potholes and that it is the separate Lochside Trail that goes from Victoria up to Swartz Bay. The official CRD website (http://www.crd.bc.ca/parks/galloping-goose/index.htm), which I had linked to, as well as the Galloping Goose map also give this info (as well as the 55km length figure).

Anyway, thanks also for calling my attention again to these trails. I had only offhandedly mentioned (http://www.mentalwanderings.com/gulch_guides/2004/06/swimming_in_vic.html) the Galloping Goose as a great way to get to the Sooke Potholes. The trails probably need their own stand alone entry as they are great paths to explore and enjoy.

Thanks again for reading.



thanks for your recommendations for the olympic peninsula. i'm leaving in a few hours and i would have been totally lost without these awesome tips. great website!


Hi Will,
Loved the seagull story. Me and my boyfriend were lucky enough to be able to watch two families for about two years on the roofs beside us. Your are right about the "romantic" part, actually that's what caught our attention in the first place - those seagulls really know how to woo a girl! :) They are amazing birds indeed, much more than I would have ever suspected.
We gave names to the closest family: Zoe (she), Gicu (him) and Biju - the one and only chick they had and successfully raised; no idea which sex. By the way, we managed to tell them apart by the neck length. Males have a longer neck than females. At first they were so eager to sit on eggs that they almost pushed one another. Weeks later, the one coming to the nest was welcomed with some sort of growling: "Where were you sitting all this time?! I'm starving!", then left alone with no goodbye. Nonetheless, each of them took great care of the egg till the little one came finally out. They were very protective of Biju, especially Gicu, who also talked a lot with him. When the sunny days came and Biju started exploring the surroundings, he happened to get tired by the middle of the way to the nest. Then, every time Gicu was there, he posted himself between sunlight and the chick so his shadow protect him from heat, and stayed there as long as necessary.
When they want to signal their territory, they use a turkey-like sound; the couples seem also use it to express their joy when meeting after they were separated. When they would have an unwanted visitor, Gicu and Zoe would go to the nest, pretending to arrange it or something, then they would touch each other with their beaks, so the visitor would see they are a couple. Other times, if Zoe saw Gicu wasn't ready to "make the move", she would go to him and start talking to him, probably something like "Come on, be a man! It's your responsibility to protect the family". Then Gicu would take a very serious attitude and started toward the visitor with his head down. Rarely was any violence necessary, as the visitor would get the message and take off as Gicu came close to him.
Here's though one behavior pattern I noticed among several couples, but never got to explain: one of them start making those prolonged, throaty sounds, as if he was trying to convince the other to do something, while getting to the nest. The answer is every time a frustrated sound, then the other part is leaving the place - something like "Stop bothering me with this nonsense, I have other things on my mind!" Have a slight hunch this one is the male :)
Do you happen to have an explanation for this?
Zoe and Gicu left the last summer and hopefully will return this spring. We kind of miss them, but hope they are ok where they are now. Also hope yours came back too.

P.S. Nice of you to wait your visitors with beer on the table. Cheers :)


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