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One-Line Bio

Every day, I am farther away from where I was.


Armed only with my wits and a rusty Swiss Army knife, I survived growing up under the vast but harsh Montana sky, a liberal arts education in New England, and half a decade of constant rain in the Pacific Northwest.

In the summer of 2003, I quit my job, moved out of my apartment, and cheerfully said goodbye to my friends and family. My girlfriend, Jen, similarly dropped out of school and bade farewell to the island she had been living on for the last two years. That August, we hit the road to see some other parts of the world and we created this website to chronicle our travels.

In the summer of 2004, we came home. Jen returned to her graduate program in Victoria, British Columbia and I returned to Portland, Oregon where I went back to work at the same non-profit organization.

In the fall of 2004, I thought I'd try my hand at telecommuting and the island life, so I packed up all of my Hawaiian shirts and my computer and moved to Victoria.

This website contains some of the impressions, delusions, memories, and stories from our past travels and from our current lives. Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this site were taken by me.

It is arranged in three blogs:

  • Gulch is a blog written from Will's point of view. It contains my occasional mental wanderings on a variety of topics but mainly it focuses on life and travel, with the odd biology or short story post added to the mix.

  • Paseos started off as a blog written from Jen's point of view. As she has gotten more involved in her studies, I took it over and eventually turned it into a photoblog. There I randomly place random pictures that I've taken in random places. Like anyone who owns a digital camera, I take a lot of pictures and the idea behind this project is to simply reflect or highlight some of the places I've been at any given time. Jen's old writings are also still there if you look hard enough.

  • Gulch Guides is a co-written and ever growing list of our favorite places and the coolest stuff on the planet. During our travels, we read a lot of different guidebooks and found ourselves enjoying the writing in them. Then, after we got back home, we noticed that our blogs were getting a lot of search engine hits from people looking for places to eat, drink, or sleep. Gulch Guides grew out of our guidebook enjoyment combined with the idea of letting people know where to find our favorite places for cold beers or tasty food without making them read through all of the rambling on our blogs.

If you have wandered onto this site via a search engine and want some recommendations, opinions, or gossip about the places we have visited or where we are living, please don't hesitate to drop me a comment here or contact me at the above email.



Photo Use Policy

I get a lot of inquires from readers interested in using my photos. I usually grant permission for the photos to be used in a non-commercial setting. However, you must attribute the photo to this website and provide a link to this website. I always love to see how my photos are being used and really appreciate it when you let me know that you plan to use them (my email is on the about page).

For commercial use of photos, please send email me via the address on my about page.